Monday, August 13, 2012

Time Trial

Okay, my mood is not quite as crappy as it was when I last wrote. I received quite a few notes after that last posting, both on and off line, suggesting various methods of relieving myself of my oh-so-bad attitude. Getting inebriated, resting, going to church... just a few of the many excellent ideas.

But I didn't do any of them. What I did instead is a bike time trial.

This is probably that last thing you'd think would be a good idea. I am burned out, so slow I'm beyond slow, and I pretty much hate my bike right now.  But I'm a little crazy, so to me it seemed the right idea.

It turned out to be quite fun! Fun is relative, of course. It wasn't fun like winning a million dollars or going on vacation without children, but it was fun, as time trials on the bike go. I arrived early with my family in tow (man are they sick of going to races!) registered, and was relieved to discover I knew not a soul. I was in no mood to explain why I decided on a time trial at this oh so desperate time of burn- out, and I was also in no mood to make excuses for myself if my ride turned out to be as sub par as I thought it might be.

I was number 15 out of like 40 people to head out on the course. I started off hard--pretty much too hard--because it's been so long since I have done something that is supposed to be all-outish that I have lost touch with the art of going all-outish while still making sure there are reserves to actually finish the race. But eventually I settled in to a pace that had me breathing audibly--occasionally even grunting--and had my quads feeling slightly burned and on the verge of cramping--which is pretty much where time trailing pace is (at least for me).

After riding for about 10 minutes I found myself in a position to pass a few people. Not so bad! Then 4 men passed me all at once... all flying at like 30 mph to my 20. Oh well. So much for THAT ego boost. I kept working away, and eventually passed a few more people. Then a woman flew by me at such incredible speed that I was somewhat taken aback. Not only that she was number 22! That meant she had started the time trial 4 minutes after me! Oh dear God....

But here's the thing. I was having fun! Even after said woman put me to shame, I was having fun. Or at least I was not NOT having fun. Does that make sense?

Just before the end the skies opened up and it started to pour. This was rather unfortunate, but it let up again within a few minutes of it starting. I passed a guy at this point that I had been targeting for awhile. That made number 5! I had passed 5 people! And all men! Not so bad... not so bad...

But then right before the end of the race number 5 passed me right back. Rats. I had nothing in my legs to try to catch him. My sprint speed is pretty much the same speed as my sprint tri speed, and my TT speed, and my Oly speed--that is the problem. But he had another speed... and he used it. OF course, I still BEAT him because he started before me. So that is a nice sliver lining. Not so silver is that I found out he was 64 years old. Damn. 64? Sprinting past me at the end?

After finishing I found my family and we headed back to the homestead in Cape E. I had no idea where I had placed, which was fine by me. There were not that many women there, but the women who were there were cyclists, and I fully expected I placed toward the very back of them. Turns out I was not in the back... but in the MIDDLE. Okay... I'll take that! The women who beat me beat me by minutes--in a 16 mile race--so yeah. They smushed me. But I beat a few women too. Good enough.

More importantly, the race made me feel like I could race... and like I wanted to race.
Don't get me wrong... I am fully ready for this season to end. But I think I can make it the next two weeks, and be just fine.  One more sprint! On more half!

Then one big nap!

These pictures have nothing to do with what I just posted. But I like them. Just proving that other things, like parenting, go on in my life when I am not lamenting my poor sorry season.

Piñata at the annual Ocean Park Fiesta--.

 On Cow Island with Alina, Jordan and Maria--. Kayaking adventure.
Eating Lobster frosted cupcakes on the front "porch" at Cape E.


Petraruns said...

Amazing how you just needed to do this. In a warped way, I understand. Love the pics of your kiddos and "other" life.

Just tagged you - go out there and enjoy life but do it if you fancy!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

I completely get why you needed to do this. Racing is your church, ha!